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If you have added an engagement session, or selected a package that includes a session.  You'll receive an engagement session questionnaire upon completion of your booking.  Please fill this out ASAP to ensure proper planning of your session. 

Travel If your engagement session is to be in any city other than the city for your wedding additional travel fees may be required. 

Location If you do not already have a location picked out for your engagement session, our photographer will work with you to find a great location.  Please keep in mind restrictions such as pet restrictions, session fees, parking etc.  If you are planning on bringing a pet for your session, make sure you can have them during your shoot at the location you pick.  

The engagement session includes 1 location.  All within walking distance. If you have two "locations" in mind that are within walking distance of each other no additional time is needed.  However the walking time is included as part of the coverage time.  If more locations are desired you must work that timeline out with your photographer so more hours can be added onto your engagement session.

Outfits We recommend 2 outfits for an engagement session.  If more outfits are desired you must work that timeline out with your photographer if needed more time may be required to be purchased to make time for the extra wardrobe changes.


If you are planning to bring children or animals to your shoot please be sure to also bring proper incentives for them to work well with the photographer.  If you plan to have some photos without them please ensure you bring additional help for them to be watched while the photographer takes the photos with out them.  Please also practice with your animals prior to the session.  We cannot guarantee the outcome of photos with animals that are not prepared to be apart of a photo session. 

Punctuality & Duration


Your time is extremely valuable to us, and we want to give you the best product possible.  Time and light are very valuable assets.  Make sure you are ready to go at your location by the time you have scheduled with your photographer.  An overtime charge of $125 per hour may be assessed if you are late to your shoot and your shoot goes over time - we charge in full hours not partial time.  Our team members cannot guarantee their availability for overtime.  You will receive 75+ edited photos ready for digital download.  Full printing rights included.

Media Delivery

We strive to have your final, edited photos sent to you via email within 30 business days. If you need your photos returned faster due to the need of ordering invitations and/or prints, please let us know through your honeybook portal so that we can ensure a quick delivery. Your photos will be available for viewing and download via Pixieset.  You will receive a link in honeybook to view and download your wedding album. You must download your media ASAP, we will not host it more than 3 months.  We never deliver raw photos, that is an unfinished product and it would be unprofessional to provide them to you as such. 

Wedding Day


    We are so excited to be a part of your special day!  We will work with you to determine what you would like captured and the best timeline to accommodate that. We are happy to capture any part of your day (getting ready, first look, ceremony, bridal party, family, reception).

     Your photographer and videographer will go over the timeline of your day with you so that everyone is on the same page.  

    We will be at your venue a minimum 15 minutes before the shooting begins. If you’d like extra shots of you getting ready just let us know and we are happy to add on additional hours! In most cases we are able to capture getting ready shots, ceremony & family photos, and reception big moments all within the standard 8 hour day.


   If you would like to add extra coverage time to your current package please login to your honeybook portal and send us a message. Please consult with your Event Manager to find out the current rate for our hourly add on pricing. We do our very best to accommodate your specific needs and even allow extra hours to be added the day of your event when necessary. If adding hours the day of, please let your team know how much additional time you would like to add and check availability with them. Your Media team will require something confirming the addition, a quick text or written consent will suffice. Your Media Team will notify your Event Manager of the additional coverage time and we will invoice you.  These additional add ons must be paid for before your edited Media will be returned. 

First Look 

 We absolutely love first looks, it is a great way to ease into a full day of posing and getting comfortable in front of the camera. You can do your first look with anyone in your bridal party as long as the time has been accounted for.  Please discuss the timeline with your photographer to ensure you have enough time for this special moment.  Please remember in most cases we have 1 photographer on site, the photographer will pause moments to fully be able to capture this special memory for you.

 Romantics/ Bridal Session

payment & contract
Travel Fees

Travel fees are present in your original proposal if needed. Travel fees are subject to change including if you request a specific team member for your wedding or session, or if there are changes to the details for your wedding. Including a change in your venue, or if you have a different city location for your engagements than your wedding.

Final Payment

We HIGHLY suggest paying for all services two weeks before the event.  This provides all a stress free experience for all. 


However, the project can be paid in full anytime prior to the wedding. 


Delivery of media will not be made until ALL services are paid in full. Including anything added onto your package on the day of or afterr the event. 


The deposit made at the time of booking is non-refundable and reserves your date for our services.  The remaining amount of your package will be broken into one or more payments. If you need a more flexible payment plan please talk with us about various options-we are happy to work with you. All services must be paid for by the morning of the event.  All invoices can be paid online with a credit or debit card. You also have the option of setting up automatic payments if you'd like, we cannot set this up for you. You may log in to Honeybook anytime to view your payments and contract.  

Changes to Contract

If a change needs to be made to your contract (ex: adding hours, or adding a service).  Please login to your honeybook account and send an email through the portal to provide us with the details of the change needed.  We will update the proposal and resend it to you for approval/acceptance.  All changes must be accepted by the client to provide a new binding agreement.  If changes are not accepted the original agreement will stay in place.

If a change is made that increases the payment amount of your proposal and you are already paid in full, a new payment will need to be made ASAP.  Just a reminder, we cannot deliver media unless all payments have been made and you have no balance due.  

Inclusivity & Safe Environment


We love capturing memories of all couples. We strongly disagree with any group or organization which discriminates on matters of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital, family, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran or citizenship status and any other characteristics which currently feel hate from others or groups.  We also ask that our team members are afforded the same respect and a safe work environment - any behavior that compromises the safety or well-being of our team members or constitutes a hostile work environment (including, but not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature) will not be tolerated. 

Date Changes

If you need to change your date for any reason, there is no fee. However, please reach out first to make sure we are available on your new date.  If you have to cancel all-together, the deposit is non-refundable. For COVID-related changes, the same procedures apply.

Audio of Vows & Speeches

Your finished video will be between 3-12 minutes in length (depending on package) and will be in a cinematic highlight style. This means that continuous audio will not be recorded live as we will be shooting many clips at different angles. If you would like to add audio of vows & speeches into your video we are happy to do that.  This add on is $200.00 

Although your raw footage will have the natural audio captured at the time of the event. Remember that we use short clips to provide a cinematic style.  So again, the natural audio, although captured, may not be in its entirety unless requested by the client. 

You can also add on a Major Moments Bundle which is $75.00 for the raw footage, including the natural audio with no interruptions.  This is captured via tripod with an unmanned camera, unless a second videographer is added onto your package. 

Drone Footage

If you would like aerial shots of your venue on the day of the wedding, we are happy to provide that for you! We do not fly our drones indoors. Because of the licensing and equipment involved, this service is an add on of $200.00

NOTE: There are some areas that are considered no-fly zones and we aren't allowed to fly drones there. Drone footage will also depend on weather conditions. Drones can't be flown in inclement weather as it can damage the equipment and disrupt the footage. If you purchase drone and weather interrupts the flight options, no charge will be made.

Raw Footage 

Some of our packages include the raw footage from our videographers clips taken on the day of the event. These clips will be compiled into 1 video for ease of viewing.  This video is much like a home video, because of its raw state.  All natural audio captured during the clips will be apart of the raw footage. 


We want this to be YOUR video, so we allow you to choose the music.  Copyright laws are very strict regarding the use of music in wedding videos, so we have four subscriptions to music sites from which you may select your songs. No need to download anything, or get a subscription.  Just browse the libraries to find your music.  Keep track of the songs including:

- Name of the song

- Name of the artist

- Site the song was selected from

Provide this information to your Wedding Director once your selections have been made. 4-6 minute video length will need 2 songs. 6-8 minute video length video will need 3 songs an 8-10 minute video will need 5 songs. 

Documentary videos will be given instructions specific to each project.  Please coordinate with your Event Manager.


If we don't receive your song selection before your wedding day, then our editing team will select songs that go well with your footage.

Need some suggestions? HERE



This is where you will find most of the mainstream songs.  If there is a pink "P" next to the song, there will be an additional $$ charge to use the song.  If you choose one of those songs for your video, we will send you an invoice for each premium song. All of this charge goes to the artist, if we had a choice we would not charge you anything! We have no control over this fee to use these artist's songs. **the mobile version does not always indicate a P- if you choose one of the premium songs your wedding director will let you know.


There are some great instrumental songs on this site. If you see a crossed out dollar sign by a particular song, there will be an additional $59 charge. If you choose one of those songs for your video, we will send you an invoice for $59 per song selected.



A lot of variety, great site for cultural "world" music. Free license options. Lots of variety here. Great reception songs.  Free license options.

Media Delivery

Photo Delivery

We strive to have your final, edited photos sent to you via email within 30 business days. During peak wedding season it can take a bit longer. Plan on about 6-10 weeks depending on the season. Your photos will be available for viewing and download via Pixieset.  You will receive a link in honeybook to view and download your wedding album. You must download your media ASAP, we will not host it more than 3 months.  We never deliver raw photos, that is an unfinished product and it would be unprofessional to provide them to you as such. 

Video Delivery

We strive to have your final, edited video sent to you via email within 30 business days. During peak wedding season it can take a bit longer. Plan on about 6 - 10 weeks depending on the season.  One Vimeo link for sharing with friends and family.  Raw footage clips will not be given a vimeo link, only a download link. Please download your videos as soon as you receive them, as we can only host them for 30 days. 


Your Pixieset link will take you to your personalized digital wedding album.  We highly recommend using Pixieset for the printing of your photos because we have hand selected the printing lab in which these photos will be printed at.  If you choose to download your media and print your photos elsewhere you have full printing rights to do so, but once the photos are downloaded we are not responsible for the quality at which they print (ex: do not print your photos at Walgreens).  If you choose to  download your photos for sharing/posting, but using the Pixieset services for printing, please use our complementary discount code to receive 20% off of your print order with the code wedding2023 . Pixieset has a wide range of printing options including: 



Large Formal Print

Square Print

Fine Art Print

Mounted Print



Metal Print

Standout Print

Gallery Frame

Metal Frame

Framed Canvas

Wood Frame

Bamboo Panel

Wood Print

Acrylic Print


Holiday Cards

Wedding Cards

Baby Cards

Graduation Cards

Seasonal Cards


   Luxury Wedding

Available Summer 2022

Printing Rights

When your gallery is delivered you will notice we have no watermarks on our photos.  This is one of the best services we offer our clients.  You will receive hundreds of edited photos from your day.  No need to pay extra to have those pesky watermarks removed from the bulk of your gallery!  Our clients have full printing rights.  This means the client is free to download and print their photos anywhere they would like.  

Social Media

We absolutely love being tagged when you post your photos & videos, so please tag us!  

instagram: @themediaaisle

You are welcome to upload your photos and video directly to Facebook or Instagram as long as you have been provided a vimeo link.  If it is not already included in your package we are happy to create a 60 second highlight video of your wedding day.  This is an additional cost, please inquire on process/ pricing through your honeybook portal. 

I would highly recommend you to anyone. The process from beginning to end is flawless. All concerns get resolved and the team is amazing!
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