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Downloading and Printing Photos

We like options. By pairing with Pixieset we get to offer lots of options for all of our couples. This way you, as the client, get to be in the drivers seat to make decisions on what, how, and where your photos are printed.

In your delivery email from your Wedding Director you will receive access to a link to your photos, and a passcode to download them. You can send this link to your best friend who flew in from Europe for the wedding, so she can download and/or print photos. You can select and send prints to your Grandma. Or, order a large print for your own use in your home. Just to mention a few options. In your Wedding Guide you'll also receive our personal discount code for your prints.

Do you have to use Pixieset? Not for printing. One of the beauties of working with The Media Aisle is that you can download your photos and print them anywhere you like. Or, not print them, totally up to you. (But print them, trust us, you want those beautiful reminders of your most favorite day ever!)

Why Pixieset? Pixieset allows you to print and download in different resolutions, including high-resolution for a crisp print, for all the different uses of your photos. When you use Pixieset to print your photos you are connected with our hand picked printing lab that offers premium-quality photo prints. If you download your prints and take them to another printer that is your choice, but we cannot vouch for the quality of the chosen lab, so you'll want to do your homework.

Or just trust us. We've been doing this a long time :).

Photos from your personalized gallery can be printed in the following ways:

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