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The Wedding Day Timeline

Chances are, your wedding day timeline is going to be just as unique

as your love story.

But the good news is most, if not every wedding timeline, is going to start with a basic checklists to mark off. So, let's talk about your wedding timeline. You'll want to be thinking about these things and it is crucial to go over these details with your photographer and videographer. This planning beforehand will make the day go much smoother.

We've included in this post a suggested list that you'll want to think about to see if any, or all, of these events are things you would like included in your wedding day timeline. But if you are more of a "doer" than a "reader" going here will allow you to submit all your wedding details to our team for a customized proposal for wedding Photography and Videography from The Media Aisle.

- Travel time to and from any additional locations

- Arrival time of the Photographer

- Arrival time of the Videographer

- Groom getting ready time (and where)

- Bride getting ready time (and where)

- Time for departure to ceremony

- Arrival time at ceremony location

- Ceremony start time.

- Ceremony end time

- Receiving line (are you, or aren't you)

- Time for departure from ceremony location

- Formals (30 minutes of bride and groom alone)

- Arrival time at reception location

- Family pictures

- Cocktail hour

- Formal Dinner

- Reception start time

- Cake cutting

- Bouquet toss

- Garter toss

- Couple exit

- Reception finish

- Photography & Videography end time

Happy Wedding Planning! Our Wedding Directors are here to help you through

these details and support you in your planning. Don't hesitate to reach out to us!

💕The Media Aisle

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