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Unexpected Changes

Every couple planning a wedding is going to have changes made to their carefully laid plans, at some point or another. Whether these changes are by choice, or by force.. ahem.. we're looking at you covid... those changes can sometime effect your photography and videography needs. Lucky for you, you booked with The Media Aisle. We are here to help and tailor your package to the needs for your wedding. After you have reserved your date with us

There are no fees to

- add hours or services to your package.

- to change your date.

- remove watermarks ( because we already removed ALL the watermarks from your photos)

Why do we do this? We can't control all the unexpected changes that will happen with your wedding, but we can control your experience with our team. And at the end of all this we want you smiling ear to ear thinking about how in love you are. And how well we captured the memory of the best day of your life.

The Media Aisle

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