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What to consider when choosing a Wedding Photographer

Price - it doesn't have to be a dirty word.

Yes, I know money is top of mind for you right now. So let’s touch on this first. Photography is an investment, but it is not something you splurge on then forget about. You want to remember your day. You want to reminisce on every moment for years and generations to come. So I challenge you to look at it as a lifelong and meaningful investment. But also stay true to yourself and what you think your wedding day is worth! We take absolute pride in knowing we can offer our couples amazing work at a fair price.

Editing Style

Your photos should make you feel incredible about yourself and the experience you had taking them. You should also feel like the images will retain its longevity and be forever timeless! These photos should not look like they will go out of style over the years. Our Team is known and praised for our timeless, bright style. We are able to use the talent and eye of each team member but offer our clients a cohesive gallery by using 1 editor for a seamless style no matter who your photographer is.

Details you want to think about before you sign with anyone.

  1. -Does your photographer put watermarks on their images. When you work with our team you'll never have to pay us to take our name off of your face.

  2. -How many locations are included? Although the standard wedding will take place at 2 locations (ceremony and reception) you may also want to add a 3rd for getting ready. We offer up to 3 locations included in our pricing for wedding day services. More locations can be added.

  3. Other services that you might find important need to be discussed. Every wedding is unique to that couples love story. We are happy to customize any package to fit your specific needs.

Client Care

Your wedding photographer should make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You should be able to vibe with them whether you are in front of their camera or on the phone. You want to enjoy being around them because they will be with you during your entire wedding day. Additionally, you want to ensure they will be able to direct you and groups of people during your wedding in a timely and natural manner. After you reserve your date with us we pair you with your media team about *6-8 months prior to your wedding day giving you plenty of time to not only communicate with your photographer but create a relationship with them as well.


Does your photographer have the experience you are looking for? Our team is not only incredibly talented but they have a vast amount of experience in wedding photography. We hand select all of our team members, and we are confident you will love working with our team, getting to know you'r photographer, and having us capture your special wedding day. We look forward to working with you! 💕The Media Aisle

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